February Round-Up

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This month’s round-up features all kinds of goodies for the advancement of women and family supportive policies. Feast your eyes on some of our top picks from around the Interwebs, and let us know what fires you up:

The key to gender equality isn’t in the workplace or The White House—it’s at home

What’s in it: Some eye-popping statistics from Tiffany Dufu’s new book, Drop the Ball, on how to create true gender equality.

At the Grammys, Beyoncé and Adele talk up motherhood

What’s in it: The bonds of motherhood transcend rivalry as these two vocal powerhouses share the power and pains of parenthood.

How technology can help close the gender gap

What’s in it: Emerging tools offer access to information that will empower the professional lives of women.

Why self-care is an important part of parenting, and how to make time for it

What’s in it: Self-care’s not selfish—it’s good parenting. Five great ideas to re-energize.

A Long Five Years (video)

What’s in it: A humorous and thought-provoking clip by the National Partnership for Women & Families.

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